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picture, even if she is a little on the skinny side. Say, Perse,
why don't you fatten her up a little, huh?"

Mr. Munn did not answer, but made a way for them
through the loiterers in the hotel doorway,

" Mr. Bill/7 Mr. Munn told him, " I've got a room here, been
having it for the last month, I have to stay over so much
lately. I wish you all would use it today if you want. I
thought you might want to wash up before your meeting and
all. And maybe you "he turned to the girl" might want
to wait there for your father and-----"

"That's fine," Mr. Christian declared.

Mr. Munn got his key from the sick-looking old man at the
desk, who said to him that there was a big crowd in town,
wasn't there, and led the way up the staircase from the lobby.
At the top he turned, and said that he was sorry but Miss
Christian would have to climb up another flight, because the
room was on the top floor. They followed him up again, and
down the dim hall, along which a narrow strip of red carpet
was laid on the painted floor.

The room itself was almost dark, with the curtains drawn
together and the shade down so that only a narrow pencil line
of sunlight lay across the rug. The air was motionless and
cool. The window being closed, the clamour and excitement
of the packed street seemed suddenly far away, filtering in
only dimly and irrelevantly. Mr. Munn set his valise on the
floor and turned to them: " 111 leave the key with you, Mr.
Bill. I can get it at the desk when I come in tonight." He
proffered the key.

" Hell, no," said Mr. Christian. " You wait here while I go
wash the big road off the back of my neck. I want to talk to
you soon as we get cshed of her," and he pointed at his

"All right," Mr. Munn responded somewhat grudgingly.
He did not want to do it, but he usually found that he, like
)ther people, did what Mr. Christian said. Mr. Christian
would bellow at you, standing in front of you with his short,
leavy, always booted legs spread wide apart, waving his thick